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The impact of colors on the speed of reading web pages on a CRT monitor

In Artigo, University of Ljubljana on setembro 21, 2008 at 2:26 am
Título: The impact of colors on the speed of reading web pages on a CRT monitor
Autores: Mirko Gradišar, Iztok Humar, Tomaž Turk
Instituição: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Data: ?
Nº de páginas: 18

Acesso: University of Ljubljana (DOC, 2.57MB)

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Abstract: We know that more and more information content is being distributed in digital format or through web-based e-commerce, educational, entertainment, and other systems. Most of these systems use a fashion-driven graphical user interface design, which does not necessarily provide the readers with high readability and legibility of the presented information. However, not many studies have addressed this problem. Some of them were performed with subtractive colors and thus do not provide guidelines for additive colors that are used with modern displays. Therefore we carried out an experiment involving 270 students in order to estimate the readability of variations in color of text and background. 30 web safe color combinations have been tested on a CRT monitor that is nowadays frequently used for reading web material. The obtained results show that reading is very complex and sensitive process influenced by many interrelated factors, which cannot be easily identified and controlled. Therefore speed of reading text in different color combinations cannot be described as one-dimensional problem. The aim of this paper is to identify existence of different dimensions and to determine approximate number of them.

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