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Typography and the screen

In Design Issues, Matéria on setembro 20, 2008 at 11:44 pm

Título: Typography and the screen: a technical chronology of digital typography, 1984-1997
Autor: Loretta Staples
Publicado em: Design Issues, vol. 16, nº 3 (autumn, 2000), pp. 19-34
Data: 2000
Nº de páginas: 16

Acesso: JSTOR

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The period from 1984 to 1997 saw the proliferation of key technolo- gies that popularized digital design. New tools, including the Apple Macintosh computer and associated software, especially that from Adobe Systems, enabled designers to create, edit, and disseminate words and images in new ways. Initially, designers translated the on screen image of pixellated letterforms into fonts for printing-a wry visual commentary on the play between page and screen. Numerous experiments followed that challenged typographic norms. Designers developed hybridized forms and ignored the traditional rules of legibility. Adobe Photoshop allowed designers to fuse text and image into a single pictorial layer, and stimulated the rise of visual effects-driven typography in the early 1990s. The hyperplastic esthetic that developed in print design during this period migrated back to the screen through the World Wide Web in the mid-90s. Typographic innovation now continues in cyberspace through computer-modeled and algorithmically-driven typography.

By making it possible for designers to conceptualize and realize letters in new ways, digital technology has provided the platform through which words ultimately could be subsumed in the larger pictorial space of the image, leveling the relationship between the two. In so doing, digital technology revised the status of the written word in the late twentieth century.

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